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nuuly - flings not things

Specific Target Audience: 

Olive, 26, just started her first job out of college for The Cut as a social media manager. Living with two roommates in a Brooklyn fourth-floor walkup puts her on a bit of a budget. Even though she can’t afford a lot of eccentric designer pieces, she still cares about her outer image and likes to be adventurous. She starts her day making a Keurig coffee in a reusable cup, except on Fridays when she treats herself to an artisan cafe cup. She takes the L line to work at Midtown, and will usually pack lunch. Her weekends are filled with going out with coworkers and friends.


Millennials (24-37-year-olds) are 250% more likely to be afraid of commitment than their parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

Key Message: Commitment-free fashion.

Art Director: Georgia VanNewkirk
Copywriting: Kenzie Morsey, Alex Wilson, Nicole Beraud

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