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There’s a ring on the phone. Three rings then the girl answers with a bitter tone.Her boyfriend starts talking, wanting attention. How can she not love to hear his voice?

She contemplates whether to answer the next call.

She wants to be there with him, in the same room.

And she counts down the days to see him because she knows he’s waiting.

Which makes her feels happy and loved.

However, she wonders why she hates him for the calls, the distractions. But then again, she doesn’t hate it, right?

Balancing her own happiness with his, weighs on the girlfriend like it never has before. It seems that her being gone is a roadblockin their relationship.

Is it her fault?

Why can’t she be happy while he’s stuck alone?

Tough thoughts consume her as she seems to float through these new countries and experiences.

The girlfriend starts to look grey in the sea of colors.


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