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Updated: Jun 13, 2020

First, she thought, what should she think?

Meditation or even just relaxing was never her strong suit.

What do others think about during a massage?

Silence engulfed her ears.

Weird to be alone in a room with someone.

Quiet waves then came over the speakers as if to tell her to relax.

But everything had been weird lately.

Most things looked fuzzy in her life, that’s why she was there.

Huge gray pixels blocking her sight if she were to describe it.

She was in Bangkok, Thailand for the first time and had come to this beautiful spa as if to correct her life

and her spine.


She could taste their strong aroma.

Her thoughts tunneled to deciphering the flavors.

Could it be lavender?

She could see the purple of the oil.

Day dreaming about the oils playing on top of her skin.


She felt her dreams.

One touch and she could feel her muscles become liquid.

Waving between realities.

Feeling spiritually light she wanted to dive into the depths of her mind.

She wanted to figure out her feelings.

Dive into the uncomfortable.


Her significant other circled her mind.

The relationship seemed like a bag of rocks on top of her.

Stressing her muscles, she thought, she was carrying him.

Beautiful marbled rocks, but still rocks.


They seemed to be getting smaller and lighter.

But what did she think?

She knew didn’t want to love any other rocks, but why were they so heavy before.


It would be better if she could just let go of grudges.

She wanted to let go of her jealousy.


For a second, worry of normal and dissatisfaction came into her brain like dark purple viruses.

More oils.



She felt light enter her heart.

Warm yellow light tingling in her bloodstream.


She sees more yellows and oranges flow over her whole body.



Excitement wells inside her.

“Thank you miss.”

The masseuse wakes her up.

All she heard was “miss”

What did she miss?

She mumbles, “thank” before stumbling off the table.

Was there no light in the room before?

She seemed to be in a dark abyss.

There was just one table in this abyss, so weird she thought.

Her friend Paige pops up at the door.

“Hi Annie! How was your..” she was speed talking and Paige couldn’t keep up.


“I said how was your massage? Mine was soooooo lovely you wouldn’t even believe the day dreams I had” she kept talking while Paige thought of her experience.

“What are we doing?”

“Well I thought we were going back to our hotel room, right?”

“Oh yeah”

Paige felt like she was floating. She was by the elevator.

Did she goodbye to the masseuse?

She didn’t even remember saying thank you.

She saw fog in the air as the elevator opened.

How the fuck is that safe?

Annie pulls Paige into the elevator.

“Paige why are being so quiet? Did you hear what I just said?”

Blinking Paige looks around.

Nothing seemed to come to mind.

“Did your boyfriend text you back? Is that why you are sad or confused? Because now I am confused.”

So many colors starting to become clear in the gray elevator.

A butterfly appeared in front of her.

It was yellow-ish with a tint of blue in some of the dots.

How beautiful was this life?

This life form in front of her.

Fog became water droplets around her.

Warm to the touch and dry but still appeared as water.

Warm like her partner, she smiled.

They curved around her as she walked out of the elevator.

Paige felt as if she had no legs because she could not imagine how she could possibly walk to her room right now. However, she could not stop smiling.

Annie seemed to be floating with her but she could not see her face exactly, or really picture how they both looked going through the lobby of the hotel.

More fog and bubbles circled around her.

The elements were playing around her, as well as carrying her to bed.

They laid her down, closed her eyes, and covered her with warmth.

She needed this peace.

She woke in a puff of sheets in the pitch dark.

Something had happened.

She did not remember where she was.

Wasn’t Annie supposed to wake her up before their massage?

Had it happened already.

It seemed late.

Annie was asleep in the bed next to her.

She felt numb and as if her body was liquid she could not move.

She must of had a good nap, she thought.


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