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Trying to Sleep

She wondered if she would ever be able to sleep.

The droning of people talking and yelling engulfed her ear drums.

People talking had never bothered her more.

There were glowing lights throughout the city. But she wondered if all this hassle was worth it. Were the lights and food and drinks enough?

When she decided to go to Macau for the night it was an impulsive decision. She wasn’t really prepared for what was about to happen.

She had luggage with an overflowing amount of clothes, but neverthought how short she would want to stay.

Why waste a great day trying to get to an unknown destination and unfamiliar people?

She can’t sleep.

There’s more yelling and talking and those pretending to whisper.

But she can’t sleep.

It’s 7 a.m.and she isn’t asleep.

However, she couldn’t justify not going to Macau. It sounded incredible.

It was incredible.

When she entered the hotel room upon arrival there were drinks awaiting their group with other friends waiting for them.

Were the drinks making her not be able to sleep?

No, she just can’t sleep.

No one was letting her sleep.

She wanted to be home.

She can’t sleep.

They had a great dinner after those first drinks.

Some of the best food during her abroad trip.

When dinner ended, they went back to the hotel and gulped more drinks.

They popped champagne, used all the plastic cups, and finished the bottles.

The hotel room where she couldn’t sleep!

The room seemed to be smaller than she remembered seeing it the first time or the second time.

She can’t sleep in a room this small.

She felt suffocated.

She can’t sleep.

After the dinner and the other drinks back at the hotel, the group decided to go out on the town in Macau.

They all took taxis to the clubbing destination.

The hotel was grand and dripped in lights, while the hotel next to that had a replica of the Eiffel Tower.

They wandered and took pictures outside before even thinking about partying.

However, upon arrival there was no club.

The club had been closed for reconstruction.

She can’t sleep.

Her feet hurt on her small cushion of the sofa.

She can’t sleep and her feet hurt.

They walked to the next club as they were told it was a short walk.

It was a never ending short walk.

The short walk continued as the night seemed to be turning into day.

She can’t sleep.

It was the day time.

And she still can’t sleep.

Walking into the club she was relieved, as were the others.

Packed dance floor with an enormous bar that wrapped around the side of the club.

The DJ acted as if he had a set at Coachella.

There were so many private booths she couldn’t count them.

Count something to go to sleep she thought.

But she can’t sleep.

Something in her mind wasn’t shutting off.

She can’t sleep with music in her head or at least the buzzing that was left.

She can’t sleep.

She doesn’t really remember getting a taxi home.

But now she can’t sleep.

Everyone came home to the same hotel room.

No one split up into the three rooms the group all shared.

One room and 12 people.

She can’t sleep with 12 people in this room.

Even if there was a living room and a bedroom.

She can’t sleep.

She can’t sleep with whispers and then loud chants of the same words.

She can’t sleep.

These people she didn’t know well were still awake.

But she couldn’t even try to sleep with the amount of rustling and conversations around the room.

They loved the night and wanted to keep it going.

They didn’t want to sleep.

She can’t sleep.

She can’t sleep.

She can’t sleep.

She can’t sleep.

She can’t sleep.

She did sleep.


Then awake again.

Then swiftly packed and vacated by 8 a.m.


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